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Regional Advisory Committee (RAC)

The Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) was established by the UMass Clinical Faculty Development Center in 1997 and is comprised of representatives from all the major medical schools in the Northeast. The RAC collaborates with the CFDC to develop public policy, establish guidelines for precepting, shares curricula on a regional basis and plays a major role in the recruitment and referral of participants for the Teaching of Tomorrow program. Accomplishments of the RAC include:

  • Collaboration on public policy and curriculum components.
  • Regional Needs Assessment
  • Collaborative Research Studies
  • Collaborative presentation at national meetings (AAMC, SGIM, GPI, to name a few)
  • Cooperative faculty development as a regional group
  • A Time for Renewal in Primary Care Medicine and Medical Education- 2002 conference 

RAC Members

RAC members Quirk and Gould discuss a case study used for teaching at TOT workshops.

Wayne Altman, MD - Tufts University

Robert Cushman, MD - University of Connecticut (UCONN)

Darwin Deen, MD - The City University of New York (CUNY)

Ada Fenick, MD - Yale University

Bruce Gould, MD - University of Connecticut (UCONN)

Warren Hershman, MD - Boston University (BU)

Ellen Miller, MD - New York Medical College (NYMC)

Elza Mylona, PdD - Stony Brook

Melissa Nothnagle, MD - Brown University

Toni Peters, PhD - Harvard University

Boyd Richards, MD - Columbia University

Alison Samitt, MD - Maine Medical Center

Karen Schifferdecker, PhD - Dartmouth College

Evelyn Schwalenberg-Leip, DO - University of New England (UNE)

Martha Seagrave, PA-C - University of Vermont (UVM)

Mary Smith, PhD - Albany Medical College

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