Job Aids are one-to three-page step-by-step instructions to aid eIRB users as they walk through specific actions.
Job Aids  
 How to Find Added Documentation
  •  How to Find Added Documentation 
 How to Log into eIRB/Forgot My User Name or Password
  • How to log into eIRB
  • Forgot my password
  • Forgot my user name

  How to Edit User Profile

 View the Video (1:16)

  • How to edit your user profile

 How to Edit Research Staff

 View the Video (2:31)

  • How to update research personnel
 How to Change Principal Investigator
  • How to submit a modification to change the PI of the study protocol

 How to Create and Submit a New Research Study Submission

 View the Video
  • How to create a new research study submission
  • How to complete the electronic application (Smartform)
  • How to submit the research study to the IRB (PI ONLY)


 How to Manage Files in eIRB        
  • eIRB file management overview
  • Steps to edit study documents

 How to Navigate to Find Existing Studies

 View the Video (2:15)

  • How to navigate to findyour eIRB studies and submissions

 How to Submit a  Modification

  How to Submit a Continuing Review, Continuing Review/Mod, or Closure

  • How to create and submit a Modification
  • How to create and submit a Continuing Review, Continuing Review/Modification, or Study Closure
 How to Submit a Reportable New Information
  • How to create a Reportable New Information submission
  • How to edit a Reportable New Information submission

 How to Respond to Clarifications Requested

 View the Video (2:27)

  • Where to find the Clarifications Requested notification
  • How to respond to a request for clarifications

 How to Respond to IRB Decision

 View the Full Video (3:21)

 View the Video: Step 2 (PI ONLY)

  • Where to find the IRB correspondence after Non-Committee/Committee Review
  • How to respond to IRB decision

NEW! How to Print Stamped Consent Forms

  • Instructions on how to print the stamped consent form from eIRB