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The UMass CCTS Community Engagement and Research Core, faculty from UMass campuses, and community partners have developed several 2 hour workshops on community-engaged research. These modules can be utilized by UMass researchers in all 5 campuses, and adapted to meet project needs with relevant research examples. 

Program Evaluation

  • Provides an introduction to program evaluation and to the CDC Framework for Program Evaluation in Public Health (1999)

Introduction to Research and Community Engaged Research

  • Provides an introduction to research, with a special emphasis on community-engaged research, and ways in which it can help improve health.

On-Line Resources from UMass Lowell

Developed by several graduate courses at UMass Lowell, these Community Tip Sheets offer valuable information on community mapping, grant writing, program evaluation, and research ethics. The tip sheet on research ethics explains and illustrates participatory research, including forming and sustaining partnerships.


The UMass CCTS Community Engagement and Research Core offers personalized consultation on community-engaged research.

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