Summer Clinical Research Boot Camp

We are offering a 6 week summer research boot camp which includes lectures, workshops, courses, and a seminar series. The research boot camp focuses on the development of clinical investigation skills through the offering of lectures and hands on experiences in epidemiology/study design, biostatistics, and scientific writing. Participation in the research boot camp is open to medical and graduate students, residents and post-doctoral fellows, junior faculty, and staff throughout the University, its affiliated hospitals, and its CCTS partners. Course attendees may take these courses for academic credit, or otherwise, and individual lectures may be attended by those who are unable to attend the entire summer lecture series. Our seminar series includes engaging lectures by leading investigators from the UMMS in the fields of health services research, health policy, and clinical epidemiology. At the end of this 6 week experience, trainees will begin to understand the nuances of study design, conducting scientific research, data analysis and presentation, and interpretation of study findings. Students will also acquire excellent writing and oral presentation skills through formal classroom work. Participants will also be better prepared to enroll in Masters and PhD programs in clinical and public health research.


Scientific Writing

• Overview of scientific writing
• The good, bad, and ugly of scientific writing
• Peer review and what editors look for in a good paper
• Critiquing other’s manuscripts and writing a scientific review
• Interesting and informative introductions
• Meticulous methods
• Riveting results
• Divine discussions and captivating conclusions
• Compelling abstracts
• Responding to reviewer’s concerns
• Powerhouse posters



• Scientific methods
• Overview of hypothesis testing
• Clinical versus statistical significance
• Parametric and nonparametric tests
• Presentation, analysis, and interpretation of continuous data
• Presentation, analysis, and interpretation of categorical data
• Survival analysis
• Multivariable regression analyses


Clinical Research/Epidemiology

• Overview of clinical research, epidemiology, and disease causation and prevention
• Measures of health and disease
• Posing interesting and relevant research questions
• Study design overview
• Nuts and bolts of case-control studies
• Nuts and bolts of prospective studies
• Nuts and bolts of randomized trials
• Sources of potential bias
• Class research projects

Summer 2013 Schedule (7/8 - 8/16)

Topic Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Register

Scientific Writing

 9:00-9:50 9:00-9:50RegisterButton
Introduction to Clinical Research/Epi 10:00-11:30 10:00-12:00RegisterButton

STATA Workshops

10:00-12:00    RegisterButton
Proposal Development*  12:00-5:00 RegisterButton
Health Services Research Seminars 1:00-2:00 1:00-2:00RegisterButton


  2:00-3:30  2:00-4:00 RegisterButton
Workshops on Ethics, Library and Funding SourcesAfternoons   RegisterButton

*Participation in the Proposal Development Series requires registration for academic credit.
NOTE: Enrollment is limited. For more information email:

Registration for individual sessions will begin in June.  


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