Welcome to the new BMP Website!

Date Posted: 07/14/09

Hooray!! The new BMP Website went live today. Our site has been redesigned such that the content will be current and useful to departmental members, as well as provide a modern presence on the web that spotlights the scientific and academic accomplishments of the BMP Department. Some of the new changes include: The BMP Calendar -- no more poster flyers to toss into the recycling bin! Seminars, chalk talks, thesis defenses, and special events will all be listed here (up to a year in advance). If you have an event to post, please let Betty Ann Euloth know about it.  BMP Research Highlights -- a graphic depiction of the current research in the department. Make sure laboratory’s research is included on the BMP “splash” page. Latest News -- features BMP recipients of awards, fellowships and grants. In addition, if your paper was just published in one of those glamour magazines (NatureScience, etc.), send us an email and your face or science will be highlighted on the website. Also make sure to check out the Resources pages, which list useful information, links and contacts for everyday laboratory needs.

More changes are on the way! Please click around, see what you like and let us know what can be done to improve our website.

The BMP Website Committee

Bill Kobertz
Karen Logan
Luca Leone
Charles Sagerström

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