Bill Kobertz tapped to be BMP Graduate Director

Date Posted: 07/30/09

KobertzAs a response to our evolving departmental responsibilities, Bill Kobertz has graciously accepted my invitation to serve as the Director of the BMP Graduate Program. Bill will manage the BMP graduate program, including aiding students in the formation of their Qualifying Exam and TRAC committees and running the BMP Chalk Talk program. In addition, Bill will oversee the BMP Education/Training and Development/Service committees that evolved out of the Department’s strategic planning process last year. Bill replaces Charles Sagerström who has done a magnificent job as BMP Graduate Director over the past few years, but Charles’ new position as co-leader of the Principles of Pharmacology course in the new Medical School curriculum mandates that he focus his efforts on developing that new course.

Please join me in thanking Charles for his efforts as the BMP Grad Program Director and in offering congratulations to both Bill and Charles on their new appointments in the Department.


Bob Matthews

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