Professor Bolon awarded an ACS grant to study protein chaperones

Date Posted: 04/03/09

Dr. Dan BolonDr. Dan Bolon, an assistant professor in BMP, received an American Cancer Society (ACS) grant to study kinase maturation mediated by the Hsp90 orchestrated chaperone system. The Hsp90 chaperone has emerged as a promising target for anti-cancer therapeutics because it is disproportionately linked to the maturation of signal transduction proteins including numerous oncogenic kinases. The maturation of kinases by Hsp90 requires multiple co-chaperones.  Dr. Bolon's work to elucidate how these co-chaperone interactions lead to kinase maturation will provide insights into central processes in biology and medicine.  To find out more about Dr. Bolon’s research, click here.

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