Dr. Hoskins receives an NIH “Kangaroo Grant”

Date Posted: 04/03/09

Dr. Aaron HoskinsDr. Aaron Hoskins, a joint postdoctoral fellow with Melissa Moore and Jeff Gelles (Brandeis University), was awarded an NIH K99 Pathway to Independence Award for developing single molecule methods for studying pre-mRNA splicing. The K99/R00, or “Kangaroo Grant”, enables Dr. Hoskins to pursue his own ideas for two years before providing funds to start his independent science career. During his time in the BMP department, Dr. Hoskins plans to use a multi-disciplinary approach in order to study the inner workings of the yeast spliceosome. By combining chemistry, physical methods, and genetics, he plans to elucidate how ATP hydrolysis initiates conformational changes in the spliceosome that ultimately lead to mRNA formation.

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