BMP Operations & Maintenance

Facilities and maintenance within the BMP Department is overseen by Karen Logan, Supervisor of Lab Operations LRB office 902 x66238. Karen also works with various UMMS facility departments and outside vendors to complete new lab set ups, lab moves and renovations.

At this time, UMMS covers all costs related to refrigeration/freezer repairs and building upkeep. For all other requests (i.e. electrical outlets, gas lines, and carpentry work) individual labs are charged. The labs contact Karen, and the work requests are then submitted to the various UMMS facility departments who will then handle the requests working through Karen. Luca Leone at x68301, 970Z is available to back up Karen when she is out.

For common building issues, department personnel in the main offices 808/908 can call the Operations Console that operates 24/7 at x63292 opt. 1 non-emergency, opt. 2 emergency.

  • temperature issues
  • lights out (including biological hoods)
  • burning smells (please do not wait to find Karen!)
  • spills on floors (non-radioactive)
  • restroom issues
  • outlets not working
  • door issues

In a real emergency, the Operations Console knows how to contact Karen 24/7. A departmental emergency list is also kept by Karen who will contact labs/PI’s if need be.


What to do when…


An alarm sounds at the CO2 or N2 gas systems by the freight elevators.
First silence the alarm, then call or email Luca Leone x68301 or Karen Logan x66238 (is the back-up to Luca).


Liquid N2 runs out by the wash rooms.
Switch over to the backup tank using the wrench on the wall (hook up to the liquid port), then call or email Luca Leone or Karen Logan .


You have ANY problem with ANY departmental piece of equipment.
Call or email Karen Logan x66238 ASAP. And always SIGN IN. All departmental equipment are under service contacts. The imagers are paid for by users, so please sign in!


A piece of your lab equipment breaks that you want looked at and repaired.

  •  Benchtop equipment email Luca Leone with location, model, S/N, contact person, and the issue, and a call will be placed with Alert Scientific (800-872-2028) to come and repair it with UMMS pricing on “UMMS Tuesdays” weekly. 
  •  Microscope issues you can call Northeast Instrument Service Inc. 1-800-717-6300
  •  PCR machines (specializing in MJ Research) go to and click on Equipment Repair/Service Contracts tab, then Request a Quote. You will need to print the decontamination certificate to mail along with the unit also (if required).
  • Floor shakers email David DeMarco with Scientific Surplus. 978-794-3640


Your -80 freezer goes into alarm.

  • All -80 freezers are hooked up to an alarm system that contacts the Operations Console. They will allow it to alarm continuously for more than 20 minutes (thus answering “real” alarms not alarms from keeping the door open too long). You can silence your alarm; this does not affect the signal going to the console. Should it continue to be a “real” alarm they respond to see what is wrong.
  • When defrosting a freezer, please call the console at x63292 to report a -80 false alarm.
  • During off hours the names listed on the emergency tags located on the freezers will be called (please keep updated – Karen has these orange stickers). There are back up freezer on both floors for emergencies.


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