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What is the Soy Isoflavones Study? 

Soy Supplement Program: In this program, you will take daily doses of either soy pills or placebo pills for 12 weeks. You will also keep a daily log of your hot flash/night sweats frequency and severity. 

How long is the study? 

You will be in the study for a total of 20 weeks. 

Who can join the Hot Flash Studies? 

You may join if you are: 

  • A woman 40-69 years old 
  • Are having at least 5 moderate or severe hot flashes per day 
  • Have had no menstrual cycle for at least 3 months 
  • Are available for the 20-week study period 
  • Are English speaking 
  • Have access to a telephone 

Call Linda Churchill at (508) 856-5691 or email at for more information.