Department of Medicine

Division of Behavioral and Preventive Medicine

Graduate Level Programs 

UMMS MPH Program click on this icon to go to the CPHR web site

Division faculty are actively involved in the Masters in Public Health (MPH) program.  Faculty provide research mentoring to MPH students, offer independent study programs in nutritional epidemiology, deliver lectures, and serve on student thesis committees.  Faculty involved in this program include: Dr. Sybil Crawford, Dr. Yunsheng Ma, and Ms. Barbara Olendzki.  Dr. Kelsey also teaches the Applied Epidemiology course in the MPH program.

UMMS Clinical & Population Health Research (CPHR) PhD Program click on this icon to go to the CPHR web site 

The Clinical & Population Health Research PhD program emphasizes clinical and health services research skills, providing students the tools to conduct research on health care access, screening, treatment, quality, and outcomes.  Division faculty were instrumental in the development of the program and currently provide both course instruction and mentoring to PhD students.  Faculty involvement includes leading core courses (Drs. Lemon, Ockene, Reed), providing guest lectures (Dr. Hardy), serving on administrative committees (Drs. Crawford, Lemon, Li, Ockene Reed), serving as dissertation mentors and on dissertation advisory committees (Drs. Crawford, Li, Pbert, Reed, and Ira Ockene), serving as research rotation mentors (Drs. Lemon, Ira and Judith Ockene, Pbert, Reed), serving as the first year student advisor (Dr. Lemon), and directing a student research seminar (Dr. Lemon).


This two semester first year course provides an introduction to the multiple determinants of health, including biology, genetics, structure and financing of health care, socioeconomic status, the physical environment, individual behavior and the interaction of these factors.  Course Leaders: Drs. Judith Ockene and Carole Upshur.  Additional Faculty: Drs. Robin Clark and Patricia Franklin.


This first year two semester course provides an overview of multivariate analysis and advanced analytical strategies for clinical and population health research.  It assumes competency in basic statistical techniques.  Emphasis is on developing an understanding of multivariable modeling in the context of linear, logistic and Poisson regression, ANOVA factorial designs, survival analysis, and repeated measures and longitudinal methods such as random effects models, GEE models and Hierarchical Linear Modeling.  Faculty: Dr. George Reed.


The purpose of this course is to help students to develop their dissertation proposals in a systematic fashion under faculty guidance.  The dissertation proposal is in the format of an NIH R03 grant proposal, and at the end of the semester the student is expected to have completed the dissertation proposal.  As such, the course is designed to walk the student through each of the NIH grant proposal requirements and expectations so that the student will be prepared to defend the proposal soon after the semester is completed.  The course is also a useful introduction to NIH proposal writing for students outside of the CPHR program.  Faculty: Dr. Stephenie Lemon.

Graduate School of Nursing and Nurse Practitioner Programs click here to visit the GSN web site 

Division faculty teach within the Graduate School of Nursing, including providing lectures on nutrition, teaching courses including Advanced Statistical Data Analysis (GN-890) and GSN Independent Study, and serving as members of doctoral dissertation committees. Faculty also developed a mini-course (6-8 lectures) within Physiology which includes:  Basic Nutrition, Obesity, Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition, Diabetes, Nutrition in the Lifecycle, Nutritional Medicine, Nutrition and Behavior, Cardiovascular Disease, Renal Disease, Gastrointestinal Disease, and Neutraceuticals.  Annual lectures in the Nurse Practitioners program include: Nutrition and Chronic Disease, Behavioral Change, and Food and Nutrition, Eating Disorders.  Division faculty involved in the GSN teaching program include: Dr. Sybil Crawford and Ms. Barbara Olendzki.