Selecting a Rotation/Thesis Mentor

Resources are available as a guide to selecting a rotation/thesis research mentor. These include:

  1. Search the Profiles system by keyword, name and more. 
    NOTE: To limit search to Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences faculty, select, "UMMS - Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences" in the Institution drop-down list. Additionally, including the search term "rotation" in your search will more likely produce faculty with active rotation opportunities.
  2. GSBS Basic Biomedical Sciences faculty List
    Search by name or graduate program

While faculty try to keep these sites up to date, some listed projects may be completed, new projects are continuously being developed and consequently these sites do not always provide the most accurate picture of what is available today. So what should a student seeking a thesis research mentor do after they have undertaken an exhaustive review of these sites?

We advise the following:

  1. Having tentatively identified a faculty member, search PUBMED for their publications in order that you can review their latest research and thereby determine whether their work is interesting to you.
  2. Having tentatively identified a potential rotation/thesis research mentor and after reading some of their publications, ask to meet with them to discuss thesis research opportunities. When you meet, be prepared to discuss their science, the science you have undertaken thus far and the courses you have taken. Ask them if they can or would support you in thesis research if your rotation works out well.
  3. Speak with other students in the faculty member's team to understand more about the research environment you would be immersed in for the next several years.
  4. Remember that the Graduate Program Directors are available to advise you about rotation and thesis mentors. In addition to being knowledgeable about specific programs and the associated faculty, each GSBS Program Director will have information from the annual GSBS spring faculty survey that identifies which faculty members have thesis research opportunities available.

The program directors and their contact information are available at: 

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