Advanced Topics in Translational Sciences

Introduction to Cellular Metabolism and Disease

This intense 3-week course will expose students to a variety of topics related to cellular metabolism. The course will cover material ranging from foundational principles to current leading-edge research. The principles and mechanisms regulating metabolism will be explored from multiple perspectives – biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, molecular biology and cell biology.
Catalog Number: BBS748
Course Coordinator: Brian Lewis
Semester Offered: Fall
Last Taught: Fall 2015

Quantitative Informatics in Biology and Medicine

The goal of this course is to introduce GSBS graduate students to the informatics approaches spanning bioinformatics to Medical informatics and epidemiology. The course is organized in three blocks, including fundamental tools of bioinformatics, application of bioinformatics and genomics and finishes with a block on clinical research informatics. Components of the course include didactic lectures, student classroom presentations, problem sets and an individual research proposal. This course is being given for the first time in the fall of 2011 and will be presented annually. 
Catalog number: BBS785
Course Coordinator: Jeffrey Bailey
Semester Offered: Fall
Last Taught: Fall 2012

Molecular Basis of Disease

The goal of this course is to introduce GSBS graduate students to the molecular understanding of disease. The course will consist of five-week blocks investigating neurodegenerative disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The students will then finish the course by developing a written research proposal into an important unanswered question.
Catalog number: BBS786
Course Coordinator: Lawrence Hayward
Semester Offered: Spring
Last Taught: Spring 2015

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