M. Richard Pavao, M.D.

Academic Role: Assistant Professor
Faculty Appointment(s) and Affiliations:

School of Medicine



Growing up in Fall River, MA with its large and diverse community, I developed a sense of values and work ethics. I learned at a young age that hard work and personal sacrifice are important when striving to achieve our goals. Whether it is in science, teaching, a trade or athletics, becoming successful takes effort and perseverance.

At a young age I found science and human anatomy very interesting. During my undergraduate studies I enrolled in several science courses that allowed me to explore these interests. I soon learned that studying to become a physician was one of my top priorities. I shadowed a primary care physician during my junior and senior years of college. It was a very demanding schedule mixed with clinic appointments and hospital rounds. It was during this experience that I was able to see first-hand what it meant to be a physician.

While in medical school at the University of Massachusetts I maintained an open mind when evaluating which specialty was an appropriate match for both my interests in medicine and my desire to practice in a challenging field. It was during my sub-clerkship in anesthesiology that I quickly learned that this specialty combines that intellectual challenges seen in internal medicine with the direct, hands on approach of caring for patients in the perioperative setting.

I completed my residency in anesthesiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital where I had the opportunity to learn the practice of anesthesiology with a diverse and complex case load from an outstanding group of teachers, many of whom served as strong mentors early on in my training. I very much wanted to work in a clinical setting that allowed me to develop long-term physician-patient relationships as well as have a hands-on role in treating patients. Therefore, I decided to participate in an additional year of training as a Clinical Fellow in Chronic Interventional Pain Medicine.

In 2010 I rejoined the University of Massachusetts. Since that time I have focused on clinical care for patients with acute and chronic painful conditions. I find my work both challenging and rewarding. It is a great feeling to help those who are coping with pain. However, it is difficult when we are unable to offer a curative solution as this in not always possible in any field of medicine.

In the clinic, I work with and teach anesthesia and neurology residents, psychiatry and physical medicine and rehabilitation fellows, as well as third and fourth year medical students during their chronic pain rotations.

I have special interests in systems base practice improvement and medical simulation as a teaching tool and hope to further develop these entities with the goal of improving patient care and education in all aspects of medicine.




Pavao, MR, Bittner, EA. Anesthesia for Vascular Surgery. Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachusetts General Hospital, 2010


Academic Background

M.D. University of Massachusetts, 2005 


Postdoctoral Training

University of Massachusetts Medical School, Intern in Internal Medicine, 2005-2006
Massachusetts General Hospital, Resident in Anesthesia, 2006-2009
Massachusetts General Hospital, Fellow in Pain Medicine, 2009-2010
Harvard Medical School, Clinical Fellow in Anesthesia, 2006-2010


Telephone:  508-793-6804
EMail:  M.Richard.Pavao2@umassmemorial.org

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