Jack L. Leonard, Ph.D.

Academic Role: Professor
Faculty Appointment(s) and Affiliations:

     School of Medicine
        Microbiology and Physiological Systems
     Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences   
        Interdisciplinary Graduate Program


Jack L. Leonard, Ph.D.

The focus of this laboratory is the characterization of cellular and molecular events that mediate thyroid hormone action in the brain. Current studies include:  cloning and sequencing of the plasma membrane-bound enzyme that bioactivates thyroid hormone; determination of the subunit structure and physiochemical properties of the enzyme polypeptide; characterization of the internalization, sorting and degradation pathway(s) of short-lived membrane proteins in the brain; sequencing of a 55 kDa actin-binding protein whose interactions with actin are hormonally regulated; characterization of the isotypes of erb-a gene products present in cultured cerebrocortical astrocytes; identification of cyclic nucleotide-induced gene products in cultured glial cells using substraction cloning; and determination of the developmental programming of cytoskeletal and integrin gene products in cultured fetal brain cells.


This is a GFP expressing neuron.



Recent Publications

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Academic Background

Ph.D. University of Caifornia Berkeley, 1976



Telephone:  508-856-6687
EMail:   Jack.Leonard@umassmed.edu

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