Andrew Cocchiarella, M.D.

Academic Role: Assistant Professor
Faculty Appointment(s) and Affiliations:

School of Medicine



Photo: Andrew Cocchiarella, M.D.

As a recent graduate of our own anesthesiology residency training program, I am thrilled to have now joined the department as a faculty member.
My interest in anesthesia actually dates back to my second year of medical school here at UMass when I was enrolled in a pharmacology course being taught by our department’s academic vice-chair.  My clinical rotations as a third and four year medical student not only solidified my decision to enter the field, but also left me convinced that UMass would be a wonderful place to pursue my training.  In my final year of residency, I had the opportunity to serve as a chief resident.  My decision to stay on and practice as an attending anesthesiologist in our department was an easy one – UMass offers a great group of people participating in the delivery of a wide variety of complex and challenging anesthetics.  Furthermore, I greatly enjoy working with residents.

My clinical interests include neuroanesthesia, vascular anesthesia, and difficult airway management.  I am currently involved in a research project evaluating emergency intubations performed by members of our department.

My free time is generally consumed with my wife and two young daughters, but I also enjoy piano, home improvement projects, hiking, and travelling.




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Academic Background

M.D., University of Massachusetts, 2005



Postdoctoral Training

University of Massachusetts, Residency in Anesthesiology, 2006-2009



Telephone:  508-856-8497

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