Ambulatory Surgery

The Hahnemann Campus of UMASS Memorial Medical Center was a full service hospital until 1996, when it was closed and converted to outpatient clinics and a dialysis center. As the need was felt for a free standing ambulatory surgery campus, the operating rooms of the old hospital were renovated.  The new Ambulatory Surgery Center opened in August 2000.

The OR suite has nine operating rooms with six rooms on 2nd floor and three rooms on 3rd floor. All the operating rooms have state of the art anesthesia equipment. Surgical specialties represented are sports medicine, upper extremity surgery, foot and ankle surgery, plastic, ophthalmology, ENT, podiatry, dermatology and dental. Approximately 8000 procedures are done annually in this center. There is major emphasis on regional anesthesia for orthopedic procedures and ultrasound techniques are routinely used for this purpose. This center has provided very high quality and efficient service to our surgeons and patients for the last several years.

The Hahnemann Campus is also home to outpatient clinics including sports medicine, upper extremity surgery, plastic surgery and dermatology. A state of the art ophthalmology clinic was added recently. The location of the clinics and surgery center in the same campus is a great convenience for both the surgeons and patients.

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