Resources and Presentations from Health Care Pathways Conferences

Health Care Pathways 2010:
Preparing Students for Hot Jobs in a Cool Economy - Skills that Make the Difference
 Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hot Jobs
Generational Differences in the Health Care Industry
The Importance of Being Bilingual
Tech Tools
Guns for Art
I Can Say No
Wii Can Do It!
UMass Medical School - Service Learning

Health Care Pathways:
21st Century Skills in Health Care Education -
How Communication and Technology Impact Student Success
Thursday, November 19, 2009

Health Care Pathways:
Academic/Community Partnerships- the Gateway to Dynamic Experiential Learning
Thursday, November 20, 2008

Exploring Health Careers - A Case Study Approach

Partnering with Schools to Improve the Health of Our Communities

Community Health Internship Program

Commerce High-Medical Health Careers Fair - A Student Centered Approach

Dancing With Our Partners-Worcester Technical High

Business and Technology Case Studies 

Dental and Oral Health Case Studies

Geriatric Case Studies 

Pediatric Case Studies 


Health Care Pathways:

Connecting Education with Careers Presentations

March 2008

K-12 Resource Booklet 

Boston Area Health Education Center Presentation 

CityLab Presentation 

Katz Panel Presentation 

Katz Lesson Demo 

Aupont Presentation 

Ferrer Presentation 

Noga Presentation