UMMS School of Medicine Catalogue 2011-13

Welcome pdf icon
    -Message from the Chancellor
    -Message from the Dean
About UMMS pdf icon
    -Educational Mission
    -Public Service Mission
    -Research Mission
School of Medicine Curriculum pdf icon
    -Foundations of Medicine FOM1 (Year 1) and FOM2 (Year 2)
    -Academic Year Important Highlights
    -Core Clinical Experiences (CCE)
    -UMMS Learner-centered Integrated Curriculum (LInC) Framework
    -Senior Studies
Additional Degree Programs pdf icon
    -MD/PhD Program
    -Master of Public Health Program
    -Master of Science in Clinical Investigation
Student and Academic Resources and School Services pdf icon
    -Student Resources
    -Academic Resources
    -Educational Technology
    -Lamar Soutter Library
    -School Services
    -Academic Policies and Procedures
Admission, Tuition, and Financial Aid pdf icon
    -Tuition and Fees
    -Financial Aid
Academic Departments pdf icon
Administration and Faculty pdf icon
    -Committees and Councils
    -School of Medicine Faculty
Maps pdf icon
    -Campus Map
    -Regional Map

Complete Catalogue (148 pages) pdf icon