Flexible Clinical Experience Frequently Asked Questions

CCE/MS3 Questions...

"Are the dates of the FCE weeks built in around surgery and OB flexible?"
"How does EVOS work in terms of designing your own FCE? Is there an option on EVOS that allows you to do that? "
"I was wondering—for the Dominican Republic trip, how should that be entered as an option? And since that takes place during Spring break, I was told that we would use an FCE week in place of the break week?"
"I know I can use my FCEs to work on my Capstone project - isn't that 'double dipping'? "
"I read that we should choose no particular time if we wanted to maximize chances of getting a particular FCE, as long as its available all the time and not limited to particular weeks. Does that mean that even though I have my FCE weeks during certain times (June and Nov.) I still pick any time and then I will get to do them during my assigned FCE weeks?"
"I am currently working on making my own FCE...but am not sure if it is going to work out. Is it possible to sign up for an FCE and then defer to a self-developed FCE if it comes together?"
What should I do if I have a really awful FCE experience?

Designing an FCE

Basic FCE Program Requirements NEW! Tag picture
The following criteria must be met for all FCE experiences
Flexible Experience (FE) Term Dates & Deadlines
Does an FCE have to occur during one of the formally defined FE terms?
Is there a deadline for submission of a self-designed FCE proposal?
What is the lead time for planning a self-designed FCE?
Where can the best ideas be found?
What types of activities qualify?
What sorts of activities do not qualify?
Evaluation & Assessment (e*Value)
What are the student responsibilities prior to the start of an FCE?

FCE Sponsors & Supervisors

What is the Student Clinical Education Hours Policy?
Do grades have to be turned in for the student to receive credit?
What is the difference between an FCE supervisor and an FCE sponsor?
What are the responsibilities of the "UMMS faculty sponsor" for FCEs supervised by a non-UMMS physician and done outside UMMS?
What is the policy and process to have a "non-UMMS" faculty supervisor, from another institution?
Is it possible to remediate an FCE?
Can an FCE be used to remediate a required FOM1 or FOM2 course??
What resources must an FCE faculty supervisor provide for the student?

FCE Advisory Committee

What is the role of the FCE Advisory Committee?