BBS755 Infection and Immune Response

Spring 2015

Class meetings: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00-11:30 AM, Fridays 2:00-3:30 PM
Room – AS7-2072 Albert Sherman  Bldg.


Course coordinators:
Course Director: Jon Goguen X6-2490 AS8-2047
Immunology: Egil Lien X6-1831   AS9-2055
Bacteriology: Jon Goguen X6-2490   AS8-2047
Virology Tim Kowalik X6-6035 AS8-2057

A note about this course: BBS755 is intended to provide a strong background in immunology, virology, and bacterial pathogenesis sufficient for advanced studies in these areas. With increasing interest in and understanding of host-pathogen interactions, we wanted to provide a background in all these areas for students looking to join the new Immunology and Microbiology graduate program or students in other programs working on projects with substantial immunological or microbiological components. BBS755 is a prerequisite to other advanced courses in IMP. We welcome your comments on the format and content of this new course (and the new program) and your suggestions for how to improve it.

Textbook: The first segment of the course focuses on immunology and will use the textbook, Immunobiology 8th edition Janeway (available in the medical school bookstore, from Amazon, or as an e-book from the publisher). This edition is just out in 2013, and page numbers in the older 7th edition will be provided as well. The subsequent segments focus on bacterial pathogens and virology, and do not use a textbook. 2015 BBS Immunology Reading List

Lectures: Three 1.5 hr lectures will be given each week. Instructors will provide background readings or relevant literature in advance of lectures. When provided, lecture notes will also be made available on the course web site. In many weeks, we will have class discussion session on Friday afternoon instead of a lecture. The discussion session format will be different in different blocks, but in all cases will provide an opportunity to apply the material that you learned during lecture, and to get additional insight into the lecture topics. In some cases the discussion sessions will focus on homework problems that will be assigned the week before; please bring your answers to class.

Exams: There will be four exams, two in Immunology (closed book, in class) and one each in Bacteriology and Virology (open-book, take-home). Exam dates are listed on the schedule overleaf.

Grading: Each block will contribute 1/3 of the overall grade, with exam score and discussion participation contributing to the final grade.

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