Department Contact List for Immigration Services

Please review the list below to determine the primary department administrator liaison for Immigration Services and the Immigration Coordinator responsible for issues relating to international students and employees for each UMMS department. All requests for visa sponsorship are channeled through the designated department administrator.

For Immigration / Visa Questions

UMMS Department / School

Immigration Services Contact

Primary Liaison for Department*

AnesthesiologyKate AmaralSharon DeMango / Ronald Jones
Animal MedicineKate AmaralRob Krusas
Biochemistry & Molecular PharmacologyKate AmaralAlan Lucia
Bioinformatics & Integrative BiologyKate AmaralChristina Tonevski
Cancer BiologyKate AmaralPatricia Dolan
Cancer Research OfficeKate AmaralDanielle Howard
Cardiovascular Medicine (Medicine)Michelle DeignanDonna Cobb
Cell & Developmental Biology Michelle DeignanKristen Maki
Center for Health Policy & ResearchKate AmaralLinda Bowden
Clinical LabsKate Amaral 
Clinical Research Center Kate Amaral 
Contracts - BIRT/IRTP Kate Amaral 
Contracts-Continuing Care Unit Kate Amaral 
Dermatology (Medicine)Michelle DeignanTerry Stirk
Diabetes (Medicine)Michelle DeignanLisa Hubacz
Emergency MedicineMichelle DeignanNadine Manning (Reinold)
Endocrinology (Medicine)Michelle DeignanPaul Newton
Family Medicine & Community Health Michelle DeignanBernadette Cookson-Stone
Gastroenterology (Medicine)Michelle DeignanLori Randall
General Medicine/Primary Care (Medicine)Michelle DeignanPaul Newton
Gene Function & Expression Michelle DeignanPat Keith (Judy Mondor for Dr. Green)
Gene Therapy CenterMichelle DeignanGail Phillips
Graduate Medical EducationMichelle Deignan/Kate AmaralMarilyn Leeds / Deb Porter / Deb Rollo
Graduate School of Biomedical Science Kate AmaralMary Ellen Lane
Graduate School of NursingKate AmaralSue Young
Hematology/Oncology (Medicine)Michelle DeignanKaren Anderson
HIV Research GrantsMichelle DeignanDonna Cobb
Hospital MedicineMichelle DeignanTerry Stirk
Infectious Disease (Medicine)Michelle DeignanTerry Stirk / Lori Randall
Information ServicesSandra TorresChris Bunn
JP - Computer ServicesSandra TorresEric Solomont
LibraryKate Amaral 
Mass Biologic LabMichelle DeignanJohn Finch
MedicineMichelle DeignanLori Randall
Microbiology & Physiological Systems (MaPS) Kate AmaralJoyce Barrett / Beverly Hobbs
Molecular MedicineKate AmaralBethanne Giehl / Gary Sadusky / Maureen Sawyer
NeurobiologyMichelle Deignan Gail Phillips
Neurology Michelle DeignanKaren Anderson
NeurosurgeryMichelle DeignanRon Jones / Linda Barnes
Obstetrics & GynecologyMichelle DeignanTina Proffitt
Office of Community ProgramsKate Amaral 
OphthalmologyMichelle DeignanGail Phillips
Orthopedics Kate AmaralMary Lammi
Otolaryngology (ENT)Michelle DeignanRon Jones / Linda Barnes
Pathology Michelle DeignanRichard Madison
PediatricsMichelle DeignanPatricia Segerson / Pat O'Neil
Pediatrics (All)Michelle DeignanAnnette Bohigian
PharmacyMichelle DeignanBrian Smith
Preventive Behavior Medicine (Medicine)Michelle DeignanPaul Newton
Program in Systems BiologyKate AmaralTina Nesbeda
Psychiatry (ALL)Michelle DeignanGeoff Bottone / Linda Harrington / Entela Baolli
Pulmonary Medicine (Medicine)Michelle DeignanTerry Stirk
Quantitative Health ScienceKate AmaralJoyce Barrett / Sandy Stankis
Radiation Oncology - QARCMichelle DeignanFran Laurie
Radiation SafetyMichelle DeignanMarie Case
Radiology/Nuclear MedicineMichelle DeignanElla Covello / Sharon Sambito
Renal or Nephrology (Medicine)Michelle DeignanPaul Newton
Revenue Operations ProgramKate AmaralJudy Nelson
Rheumatology (Medicine)Michelle DeignanPaul Newton
RNA Therapeutics Institute    Kate AmaralTina Nesbeda
Shriver CenterKate AmaralEllen Isley
Stem Cell Bank Michelle DeignanSusanna Perkins
Supplemental Nutritional Asst. Prog (SNAP)Kate Amaral 
SurgeryMichelle DeignanSeann Burke
UrologyMichelle DeignanRon Jones / Linda Barnes

*If your department is not listed and/or the information provided is no longer accurate, please contact Immigration Services

For inquiries related to enrolled graduate students, tax treaty status or other student related questions, please contact Barbara LeFebvre

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