Health Services Research Seminar Series

Goals of the series: This seminar series is designed to provide new researchers at the UMass Worcester Campus an overview of the various research methods that encompass the discipline of health services research and exposure to the experts in such methods across our campus.

Who should attend? This series is designed to be open to all trainees interested in developing their biostatistics expertise at an introductory level including undergraduates, graduate students, medical students, post-doctoral fellows, residents, or faculty members at any rank. You can register for one, some, or all sessions. After registration, if you need to withdraw please email:


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“Community Engaged Research: Practice and Principles”
Stephenie Lemon, PhD, Associate Professor, Division of Preventive and Behavioral Medicine


No Seminar


“Power of Policy Analysis With Big Data”
Becky Briesacher, PhD, Associate Professor, Division of Geriatric Medicine


“Understanding the Patient Experience Through Qualitative Interviews”
Kristin Mattocks, PhD, Assistant Professor, VA & Quantitative Health Sciences


“Large Databases: What's Out There and What Can be Learned From Them”
Allison Rosen, MD, DSc, Associate Professor, Division of Biostatistics and Health Services Research, Quantitative Health Sciences


“Measuring Cognition and Functional Status as Outcomes”
Jane Saczynski, PhD, Associate Professor, Division of Geriatric Medicine

7/30/2013      1-2:00pm

“What Can We Learn from Pharmacoepidemiology?”
Kate Lapane, PhD, Associate Dean, Clinical and Population Health

8/1/2013    1-2:00pm

“What is New in Outcomes Measurement?”
John Ware, PhD, Chief, Division of Outcomes Measurement Science, Quantitative Health Sciences


“Disparities Research”
Jeroan Allison, MD, MS, Vice Chair, Quantitative Health Sciences


“Engaging Community-Based Surgeons in Registries”
Patricia Franklin, MD, MPH, Professor, Orthopedics and Physical Rehabilitation

8/13/2013      1-2:00pm"How to Get Physicians to Implement Best Practices"
Catarina Kiefe, MD, PhD, Chair, Quantitative Health Sciences

“The Problem of Making Fair Comparisons”
Arlene Ash, PhD, Professor, Division of Biostatistics and Health Services Research, Quantitative Health Sciences


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