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Instructions for the FCE Course Offering Proposal

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  • Course Objective(s): 1-2 sentences
  • Course Description: 2-3 brief paragraphs
  • Select all appropriate UMMS LInC competencies
  • Select the maximum number of students you can accommodate for your elective under the corresponding AY2012-2013 date(s)

June 11-14, total 4 days
June 19-25, total 5 days
July 24-30, total 5 days
Sept 21-27, total 5 days
Oct 26- Nov 1, total 5 days
Nov 6-9, total 4 days
Feb 4-7, total 4 days
March 8-13, total 4 days
March 26- April I, total 5 days

  • Select maximum duration of course (multiple sessions?)
  • Select minimum duration of course
    • note: It is only possible to offer 2 week electives for the June and October end blocks, but these will be interrupted by an interstitial curriculum day on 6/20/12 and 11/5/12 respectively.
  • Describe any prerequisites
  • Describe evaluation type (attendance, effort, participation)
  • Descrive evaluation criteria (clinical skills, case presentations, journal, etc.)

  • Please email me or call (508-856-3800) if you have any questions about your course or this process.

    Samir Malkani, MD
    FCE Course Leader