The Diabetes Center of Excellence is proud to offer our patients MyCareTeam Clinical (MCT Clinical), an online diabetes management system that allows you and your diabetes care provider to maintain regular contact and better manage your blood sugar levels, diet, calorie and carbohydrate counting for type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

MyCareTeam lets you download your blood sugar readings from most meters through a secure Internet site and the data can then be easily added to your electronic medical record. Once the data is gathered, it can be accessed, evaluated and closely monitored by all members of your care team, improving your overall care and health.


Patient of the Month

Extraordinary Success Stories


Jennifer Schneider, MD, MS is the Chief Medical Officer at Livongo Health and has recently completed the famed Ironman Triathlon. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 12, Jennifer never allowed the disease to stop her doing things she loved, for example, climbing Kilimanjaro or running Division 1 collegiate track and cross country. “Exercise is the key to my mental health,” she says as we discuss her success at the Ironman. As she points out, there is a lot of crossover between athletics and diabetes, she also admits that exercise is not only her main coping mechanism but also a “healthy addiction.” Jennifer does her best to take good care of herself but it is the endorphines that feed her “addictive personality” and drive her to complete bucket-list items such as the Ironman. The DCOE co-director Dr. David Harlan is Jennifer’s “dream doctor” not only because he cares about his patients and supports them each as a person but also because he creates a “safe space” where patients can be vulnerable and face their strengths and weaknesses. Jennifer finds him inspiring and motivating, a true partner in her success.


  • Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes

    On Saturday, October 24th, the 2016 Central MA Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes took place on the UMass Medical School University Campus. This lively, fun-filled event saw more than 1000 participants which included DCOE faculty, staff and family. This is a dramatic increase from its first campus debut in 2010 with about 370 participants. Participants enjoyed either a one-mile or three-mile course, a Diabetes Information Expo & Family Fun Day, On hand for entertainment were representatives from The Red Sox, Patriots, New England Revolution, Worcester Bravehearts, and Worcester Railers. The event is on track to raise its $250,000 goal which goes towards research and programs for prevention, better management and ultimately a cure.  

  • Dr. David Harlan to serve as a Judge

    The DCOE co-director, Dr. David Harlan, will serve as a judge for the Diabetes Innovation Challenge that seeks to find transformational advancements in diabetes. The Challenge is organized by the Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2), in partnership with T1D Exchange, a nonprofit focused on accelerating innovations that improve outcomes in type 1 diabetes, present the first Diabetes Innovation Challenge. This exciting multi-staged event is an opportunity to identify, support, and incubate transformational innovations in types 1 and 2 diabetes. 


  • Sean Collins Promoted to Brigadier General

    One of the DCOE’s distinguished nurse practitioners, Sean Collins, PhD, UMMS Assistant Professor in the Graduate School of Nursing, has been promoted to U.S. Army Reserves Brigadier General (BG) and will serve as a principal advisor to the Pentagon’s Director of Health Affairs on Guard and Reserve matters. BG Collins has served on the forefront of the diabetes epidemic for more than 30 years. He has seen the development of new insulins and other glucose control medicines, better pumps to administer insulin, improved systems for patient self monitoring, and new care management paradigms.  Moreover, he’s helped implement those treatment advances for his patients’ benefit.  He started as a clinical specialist in dialysis.  That work led him to realize that 60% of patients on dialysis had that fate due to either high blood pressure or diabetes, so he redirected his efforts toward prevention. While he sees diabetes patients at the DCOE, General Collins also works on preventing diabetes among military veterans. “In the military, we now focus on healthy life style,” says General Collins, as he champions diabetes prevention among soldiers, returning veterans, and civilians.


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