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Robin ClarkRobin E. Clark, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Research and Evaluation Unit, Center for Health Policy and Research
Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health

Specializing in the evaluation of the economic aspects of health care interventions and policies, Dr. Robin Clark focuses on projects related to applied policy analysis and health care for underserved populations. In his position as Senior Director of Research at UMass Medical School’s Center for Health Policy and Research, he analyzes treatment patterns and costs for mental illness and substance use disorders among Medicaid beneficiaries. Current studies focus on the link between substance use disorders and quality of care for chronic health conditions such as asthma and diabetes, medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction, and approaches to managing the quality and cost of treatment for patients with chronic illness.

Prior to joining UMass Medical School’s Center for Health Policy and Research, Dr. Clark held posts as Associate Professor of both Psychiatry and Community and Family Medicine at Dartmouth Medical School, where he conducted research at the New Hampshire-Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center and directed a course in economic evaluation at the Center for Evaluative Clinical Sciences, now the Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice.

At UMass Medical School, Dr. Clark is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and a core faculty member in the Clinical and Population Health Research doctoral program.

Dr. Clark holds a doctorate in social policy from Brandeis University. He earned a master’s degree in human development and family relations at the University of Connecticut and a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Appalachian State University.

Selected Publications:

Clark R.E., Teague G.B., Ricketts S.K., Bush P.W., Xie H., McGuire T.G., Drake R.E., McHugo G.J., Keller A.M., Zubkoff M. Cost-effectiveness of assertive community treatment versus standard case management for persons with co-occurring severe mental illness and substance use disorders. Health Services Research, 33(5): 1283-1306, 1998.

Clark, R.E., Ricketts S.K., McHugo G.J. Legal system involvement and costs for persons in treatment for severe mental illness and substance use disorders. Psychiatric Services, 50(5): 641-647, 1999.

Clark, R.E., Xie, H., Sengupta, A., Adachi-Mejia, A.M. Substitution Between Formal and Informal Care for Persons with Severe Mental Illness and Substance Use Disorders. Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics. 4(3): 123-132, 2001.

Bartels, S.J., Clark, R.E., Peacock, W.J., Dums, A.R., Pratt, S.I. Medicare and Medicaid costs for schizophrenia patients by age cohort compared with depression, dementia, and medically ill patients. American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry. 11(6):648-657, 2003.

Clark, R.E., Xie, H., Brunette, M.F. Benzodiazepine prescription practices and substance abuse in persons with severe mental illness. The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 65(2): 151-155, 2004.

Mueser, K.T., Clark, R.E., Haines, M., Drake, R.E., McHugo, G.J., Bond, G.R., Essock, S.M., Becker D.R., Wolfe, R., Swain, K. The Hartford study of supported employment for persons with severe mental illness. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 72(3): 479-490, 2004.

Clark R.E. and Samnaliev M. Psychosocial treatment in the 21st century, International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 28(5): 532-544, 2005.

Clark, R.E., Samnaliev, M., McGovern, M.P. Treatment for co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders in five state Medicaid programs. Psychiatric Services, 58(7): 942-948, 2007.

Clark, R.E., Samnaliev, M., McGovern, M.P. The impact of substance use disorders on medical expenditures for Medicaid beneficiaries with behavioral health disorders. Psychiatric Services, 60(1): 35-42, 2009.

Clark, R.E., Weir, S., Ouellette, R.A., Zhang, J., Baxter, J.D. Beyond health plans: behavioral health disorders and quality of diabetes and asthma care for Medicaid beneficiaries. Medical Care, 47(5): 545-552, 2009.

Samnaliev, M., McGovern, M.P., Clark, R.E. Racial and ethnic disparities in mental health treatment in six Medicaid programs. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 20(1): 1165-176, 2009.

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