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UMass Medical School's Center for Health Policy and Research works with public sector agencies and other non-profit and managed care organizations to translate research evidence into change — both in practice and policy. Our goals cross a broad range of categories:

  • Development and implementation of clinical best practices,
  • Measurement of the impact and effectiveness of policies and programs,
  • Evaluation of cost-effectiveness and compliance with guidelines within populations and health plan membership, and
  • Education of health practitioners and the broader public about best practices.

Our team includes experts and clinicians in a variety of disciplines in each of our core areas: research; evaluation and outcomes; and training, education, and dissemination. Our work employs both qualitative and quantitative approaches, including:

  • Statistical modeling,
  • Theory-guided qualitative program evaluation,
  • Administrative data-based quality measurement, and
  • Risk-adjustment methodologies.

We are supported by a team of biostatisticians with extensive experience in analysis of large public databases. Faculty investigators contribute strong health services and public policy research expertise in areas such as survey research, quality measurement, economic evaluation, and professional and community-based training.

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Center for Health Policy and Research
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