Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles by CMHSR Faculty & Staff

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Transition Age Youth
appealing featuresAppealing Features of Vocational Support Services for Hispanic and non-Hispanic Transition Age Youth and Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions
Torres Stone, Delman, McKay & Smith - 2014

adaptingAdapting Services to Engage Young Adults in ICCD Clubhouses
McKay, Osterman, Shaffer, Sawyer, Gerrard & Olivera - 2012


Between Adolescence & Adulthood: Rehabilitation Reserch to Improv Services for Youth & Young Adults
Davis, Koroloff & Ellison - 2012


Social Network Analysis of Child & Adult Interorganizational Connections
Davis, Koroloff & Johnsen - 2012


Supported Education for Young Adult Veterans with PTSD: A Needs Assessment
Ellison, Mueller, Smelson, Corrigan, Torres Stone, Bokhour, Vassella & Drebing - 2012


One Size Does Not Fit All
Whitney & Costa - 2012


Participatory Action Research & Young Adults with Psychiatric Disabilities
Delman - 2012


Prevalence & Impact of Substance Use Among Emergng Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions 
Sheidow, McCart, Zajac, & Davis - 2012

emerging_adults_withEmerging Adults With Psychiatric Disabilities Involved With the Criminal Justice System
Hartwell, Fisher & Davis - 2010

barriers_and_solutionsAdolescent Offenders with Mental Disorders
Grisso - 2008

do_childhoodDo Childhood Mental Disorders Cause Adult Crime
Grisso - 2007

gender_differencesGender Differences in Mental Health Symptoms Among Delinquent and Community Youths
Cauffman, Lexcen, Goldweber, Shulman & Grisso - 2007

How are we preparing studentsHow Are We Preparing Students with Emotional Disturbance for the Transition to Young Adulthood? Findings from the National Longitudinal Transition Study
Wagner & Davis - 2006

within state availabilityWithin-State Availability of Transition-to-Adulthood Services for Youths with Serious Mental Health Conditions
Davis, Geller & Hunt - 2006

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