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Who can participate as a Capstone Faculty Project Advisor?
I'm excited to serve as a Capstone project advisor for a group of students, but am now confused about the amount of time it will take. Have I really agreed to advise two individual projects? new tag picture
I have been asked by two students in the same graduating class to serve as advisor for their individual Capstone projects. I’m happy to work with them both – but need to be sure you are aware of the multiple tag picture
What does it mean if a first or second year student asks me to become their "Capstone Scholarship & Discovery Advisor"?
What if a student I have not worked with asks me to be their "Capstone Scholarship & Discovery Project Advisor"?
What if a student asks me to be their "CO-Capstone Scholarship & Discovery Project Advisor"?
What times are available for students to work on their Capstone scholarly project?
What is expected of students for their capstone project?
How big is the project expected to be?
Is this project expected to be something that is presentable at a regional meeting? A national meeting?
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  • FOM2 proposal revisions due
  • FOM1 progress report due to mentor April 11th

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