2013 UMCCTS Clinical Research Scholar (K12) Award: Request for Proposals

Drs. John Keaney, Jr., and Douglas Ziedonis are pleased to announce the UMass Center for Clinical & Translational Science 2013 Clinical Research Scholar (K12) Award: Request for Proposals. Training of investigators who will make a career of innovative, hypothesis-driven clinical and translational research is a top priority of the UMCCTS. The Clinical Research Scholar (K12) Program has been developed to address this need. The training program will combine coursework, seminars, and mentored research.

The deadline for submission of Letter of Intent and accompanying documentation is: Thursday, January 24, 2013 by 5:00 PM (EST) to wanda.depasquale@umassmed.edu.


The Clinical Research Scholar program has made the following changes to the 2013 RFA:


We have expanded the applicant program eligibility to now include:

  • Faculty who are still not six years post the completion of their post-doctoral or fellowship training.
  • Post-doctoral fellow applicants are in most cases not eligible to enter the program any earlier than their second year of post-doctoral fellowship.
  • Exceptional candidates with less than two years of post-doctoral training may receive special permission to apply. To apply for a waiver, please send Wanda DePasquale (wanda.depasquale@umassmed.edu) the following information NO LATER than 5PM EST on Thursday, January 17th: applicant’s CV, letter from the applicant’s Department or Program Chair justifying the request for a waiver.



1) $25K of Support

Q: Is this for each of the years with the Department supplying an additional $25K or is this a one-time $25K for each?

A: The Clinical Research Scholar (K12) award will provide $25,000 in Year 1 for research supplies. This is a one-time payment that the awardee can use over the life of the award. The Department is required to provide a minimum of $25,000 for research supplies. It is expected that the Departmental funds for research supplies should be available to the applicant in the first year of funding.

2) Another Pending K Award

Q: I have another K award pending and will know if I have a fundable score before the full proposal deadline. Am I allowed to submit a LOI?

A: Yes, but you will be required to withdraw your proposal to the Clinical Research Scholars (K12) Program if you receive a fundable score.


Full Funding Announcement, Instructions, and Eligibility can be downloaded here. UMCCTS Clinical Research Scholar (K12) Review Committee members.


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