Online Course Template

Based on feedback from your predecessors your online courses will be using a standard organization template: Information, Content, Assessments & Assignments, Resources and Evaluation


Course Template

You will find a significant portion of the uploaded Curriculum Content located in the C of iCARE.

Select the C to navigate to the Your Lecture List


Course Units

Courses are typically organized into Blocks or Units--the online version is organized this same way to facilitate your navigation.   

Block Content

Finding Files / Event Table

Courses typically contain a grid or event table with links to files, URLs, etc associated with that event. The majority of linked file content will be in Portable Document Format--PDF. In order to make use of your laptop while in class the PDF files are enabled for commenting before uploading to BLS Vista.


PDF Files /
Taking Notes

Practice Notetaking by downloading a PDF file to your laptop.  You can create your own personal annotated texts for each of your online courses using this method.  YOU MUST DOWNLOAD TO ANNOTATE.

Practice adding notes and highlighting text by selecting the Tools Drop Down Menu from Reader and choosing Sticky Note or Highlight Text Tool.