Our Osteopathic Curriculum


By Kristen Kavulich McCarthy, DO
Assistant Professor, 2012 graduate
 UMass Fitchburg Family Medicine Residency

What better way to practice medicine than by addressing the whole person – body, mind and spirit? As an osteopathic family doctor, I have the privilege of doing just that. I consider my practice of osteopathy an everyday occurrence. It becomes second nature to think about all the different factors that are preventing someone from achieving health.

Think about a patient we often see with aches, pains, depression, and social stressors, among other things. Giving them an NSAID and sending them on their way is not going to treat them! You need to look deeper and consider other options.

During my residency at UMass Fitchburg, I have had the opportunity to continue my learning in osteopathic medicine. It only just begins during medical school. We are the only dually accredited (DO and MD) program in the state of Massachusetts, which was one of the main reasons I sought out this program during my residency search. I saw a lot of options for continuing my training through osteopathic faculty and other residents. 

We have monthly lectures and regular OMT sessions with DO preceptors to hone our skills and learn new techniques. I regularly see my patients during my outpatient clinic for OMT sessions as well. There are occasions to attend osteopathic courses for further learning. We have a wonderful collaboration between our allopathic and osteopathic physicians, with many referrals to us for treatment. And of course, they love being treated by us too! 

All my patients are treated osteopathically. Every time you see a patient, you have the opportunity to do this. All you need is your hands and your heart.

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