The DMH Research Conference

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DMH 2014 Research Conference Agenda & Presentations: What is Integrated Care & Why is it Important?
agenda2012   Agenda: What is Integrated Care & Why is it Important?  SAMHSAThe Value of Integrated Care
A. Kathryn Power, M. Ed.

CHL  Primary Care & Behavioral Health Integration at Community Healthlink
Marie Hobart, Monika Kolodziej & Liz Clinkscales
  WaRMcenterThe Massachusetts Mental Health Center's Wellness & Recovery Medicine (WaRM) Center: A Health Home for People with Serious Mental Illness
Mark Viron & Gail Levine

SPARC1Integrating Health & Wellness Activities: Impact on Recovery
Colleen McKay & Mary Quill
  HarvardMental Illness Throughout Parenthood: Strategies for Supporting Families
Cindy Liu

DMH 2013 Research Conference Agenda & Presentations: Innovations in Research: Lived Experience Leading the Way

Agenda: Innovations in Research: Lived Experience Leading the Way 

  Delman Poster

Young Adults Getting Involved: Participatory Action Research and Transition Age Youth
Poster Presentation
Jonathan Delman, J.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.

Smith Poster

Creating a “Community of Practice” on Transition Age Youth & Young Adults With Serious Mental Health Conditions in Northeast Massachusetts
Poster Presentation
Lisa M. Smith, B.A., Marsha L. Ellison, Ph.D., Joann Starks, M.Ed., Amanda Costa, A.A.

  MCTP Poster

Implementing the Massachusetts Child Trauma Project (MCTP) to Improve Services for Children with Complex Trauma in Child Welfare: Phase I Needs and Readiness Assessment
Poster Presentation
Charmaine Lo, MPH, Melodie Wenz-Gross, Ph.D., Jessica Griffin, Psy.D.

Byatt PosterOvercoming Barriers to Perinatal Depression Treatment
Poster Presentation
Nancy Byatt, D.O., M.B.A., Kathleen Biebel, Ph.D., Liz Friedman, M.A., Gifty Debordes-Jackson, M.A., Jeroan Allison, M.D., M.S.,, & Douglas Ziedonis, M.D., M.P.H
  Davis Poster

Patterns of Psychotherapy Attendance in Emerging and Mature Adults
Poster Presentation
Maryann Davis, Ph.D.; William Fisher, Ph.D.; Charles Lidz, Ph.D.; and Bernice Gershenson, M.P.H.


Duperoy Poster

Participatory Action Research: Young Adults Making It Happen!
Poster Presentation
Tania Duperoy, B.A.; Amanda Costa, A.A.; Jennifer Whitney; Gillian Simons

  Juvenile Offenders Poster

Gender: An Important Factor in the Implementation of Services for Juvenile Offenders
Poster Presentation
Geno Salomone, B.A., Rebecca J. Nelson, M.A., Geno Salomone, B.A., Scarlet P. Woods, B.A., Laura S. Guy, Ph.D., & Gina M. Vincent, Ph.D.


 DMH 2012 Research Conference Agenda & Presentations: Relationships & Recovery: Advancing the Research

Agenda: Relationships and Recovery: Advancing the Research


  RelationshipsRelationships as the Foundation of Shared Decision Making: The Experience of Young Adults with Mental Health Conditions
Jonathan Delman, Ph.D.

Relationships_as_KeyRelationships as Key to Recovery for Perinatal Women Living with Depression
Kathleen Biebel, Ph.D
  Life_CoachesCoaches VS Counselors: Relationship Differences in Supporting Employment Goals
Maryann Davis, Ph.D.

Friendships_of_AdolescentsFriendships of Adolescents & Young  Adults in Early Psychosis
Jude Leung, Ph.D.

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