Family Medicine Inpatient Service (FMIS) PGY-1
Three months of the intern year are dedicated to the Family Medicine Inpatient Service. Two of these months are spent at our primary hospital, Health Alliance Hospital in Leominster. Here, the intern is responsible for the care of a patient panel that spans the entire spectrum of Family Medicine, including pediatrics, obstetrics, and newborn nursery. This makes the inpatient experience at Health Alliance Hospital unique, as it does not only include adult inpatient medicine.

During these two months, you will be taught by our inpatient director, Dr. Felix Chang, the Fitchburg Family Medicine rounding faculty, fellow residents, and specialists. Health Alliance Hospital is fully equipped with an excellent EMR system that streamlines patient care and allows for easy access to medical records on or off campus. The intern has the opportunity to interact with specialists, perform deliveries and circumcisions, and partake in interdisciplinary rounds with the Critical Care Team during their FMIS experience at Health Alliance.

The third month of Inpatient Medicine is done at UMass Memorial Hospital in Worcester, where you will work with the UMass Worcester residents, the Worcester health center attendings, and hospitalist attendings. This month gives you the experience of working in a larger, city-based hospital.