Four Cell Biology Faculty Members Honored with Outstanding Medical Educator Awards

Outstanding Medical Educator AwardsSusan Gagliardi, John Cooke, Anne Gilroy and Krista Johansen were honored by the Medical School Class of 2012 with Outstanding Medical Educator Awards. These awards are voted on by the Medical School class at the end of their second year of basic medical education before starting clinical rotations. This year the five honorees received their awards at the Class of 2013 White Coat Ceremony and Class Oath, at Mechanics Hall on April 5, 2011.

The following is a letter from the Department of Cell Biology Chair, Gary Stein:

Dear Colleagues,

It is incredibly gratifying that again our teaching faculty have been recognized with Outstanding Medical Educator Awards in recognition of their consistently exemplary contributions to medical education in the classroom and with curriculum development. With the design and implementation of a new curriculum, the significance cannot possibly be overstated.

Outstanding Medical Educator Awards were given to Sue Gagliardi, John Cooke, Krista Johansen and Anne Gilroy.

With appreciation to incredibly effective colleagues,

Gary Stein


John Cooke - Outstanding Medical EducatorSusan Gagliardi - Outstanding Medical Educator 

John Cooke

Susan Gagliardi

Anne Gilroy - Outstanding Medical EducatorKrista Johansen - Outstanding Medical Educator

Anne Gilroy

Krista Johansen

Class 2013 OathOvation for Class of 2013

Class of 2013 Oath