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Patricia D. Franklin MD MBA MPH
CTR Pathway Director

Colleen J. Burnham MBA
Pathway Administrator
(508) 856-5137
OUME S1-143

Master of Science in Clinical Investigation
5-Year Program Option

All students who are accepted and enroll in the CTR Pathway will have the additional opportunity to apply for the 5-year Program Option, which builds on the pathway core requirements, and includes an additional "pull-out" year to enroll in the Master's Degree in Clinical Investigation Program in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. This opportunity is available only to enrolled CTR Pathway students. Candidates for this Master's degree program option must be UMass Medical students officially enrolled in the CTR Pathway program, who are either in their second or third year of medical school. Two pathway students per year will be selected for this program option, and will be provided a tuition and fee waiver and a stipend for the "pull-out" year.  

Deadline for application to this program option is December 1st.