Colleen Burnham, MBA
Educational Specialist III
OUME S1.143

Cassie Caez
Administrative Assistant
OUME S1.155

Pathway on Multiculturalism

Pathway on Multiculturism is an optional enrichment program to which students commit for all four medical school years. Approximately 35 students participate in this program each year. Pathway students are selected through a formal application process; they are given priority for placement in the activities listed below. Students who are not enrolled the Pathway program who are interested in these opportunities may consult with Mick Godkin to explore their options.

  • Preclinical Longitudinal Preceptorship with physicians serving underserved cross-cultural populations
  • Language/cultural immersion in an international setting in the summer after the first year
  • Community service project with a cross-cultural population in the Worcester area the fall of the second year
  •  A family assignment with a cross-cultural family in Worcester during the preclinical years
  •  Dissemination of experiences though a diary and presentation
  •  Required primary care clerkships in sites serving underserved cross-cultural populations
  •  Stipend-supported international clinical electives that emphasize primary care