The Global Health Pathway

[previously titled: The Pathway on Serving Multicultural and Underserved Populations]

The overall goal is to develop the abilities of students to provide culturally and linguistically competent care to recent immigrants and refugees in the USA. Through international and domestic experiences and seminars, the program develops students' linguistic and cultural competence and sensitivity to the hardships that many immigrants and poor people face. Specific goals for students include:  

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the types and treatment of diseases which are common in resource-poor countries through narrative journaling of international clinical electives and performance evaluations of preceptors.
  • Demonstrate non-English language proficiency through evaluated language and clinical electives abroad and end of your self report.
  • Demonstrate increased cultural competence in caring for patients of different cultures with respect to knowledge and ability to assess health beliefs and negotiate a treatment plan in their context through end of year self-report.
  • Demonstrate cultural humility and self-awareness through written reflections on international electives, LPP experiences and the immigrant family assignment that indicate students develop empathy for the hardships and barriers people face in their homeland and in getting to and resettling in the U.S.
  • Demonstrate interest in advocating for underserved multicultural populations through community service at home and/or abroad, end of year self-report and career choices.
  • Demonstrate narrative interviewing and life story history taking skills through written reports of interviews with an immigrant family.
  • Demonstrate clinical skills competency in caring for patients in the resource poor countries in clinical electives through written performance evaluations of attending.
  • Demonstrate an ability to provide basic care to local immigrant and refugee patients in the Longitudinal Preceptorship Program, with respect to history taking and physical examination, as evidenced by the preceptor's evaluation.

For further information, please contact:

Michael K. Chin MD
Ann Moormann PhD
Colleen Burnham MBA

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