Complementary & Integrative Therapies

The goal of the proposed course is to introduce allopathic medical students and graduate nursing students to various complementary and integrative treatment modalities. This introduction will allow future physicians and nurses to communicate better with patients about complementary and integrative medicine modalities. It will also help future physicians and nurses make better-informed medical decisions regarding patients who may have already sought complementary and integrative medical practices or may benefit from such modalities.

Objectives of this course include the following:

  • Define the underlying principles of each treatment modality
  • Explain the clinical applications of each treatment modality
  • Describe the current Evidence Base for CIT
  • Explain the cultural relevancy of alternative treatments and practices
  • Describe the current research topics involving complementary and integrative medicine
  • Identify available resources for physicians and patients
  • Explain their observations with a practioner of CIT in his or her practice
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for the importance of self-care

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