American Sign Language*

*AY13-14 The curriculum design of the American Sign Language elective is undergoing changes for students to more effectively attain the goals of the elective set forth. Feedback from students has directed these efforts to take place over the next few months. Therefore, the elective will not be held this fall and it will be determined if it will open for the second-half of the school year.

This elective offers students beginner and intermediate levels of American Sign Language (ASL), a visual/gestural language used by deaf people in the United States and Canada. Students develop receptive and expressive skills in ASL, learn basic rules of grammar, general vocabulary, vocabulary specific to the medical setting, and the use of facial expression, and body movements.

The course also focuses on the proper use of a qualified interpreter in the medical setting. There is role-playing of medical situations and of how to resolve some communication problems. There are class discussions, guest lectures, and students have the opportunity to interact with members of the Deaf Community.

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