1st Annual Cancer Biology Training Program Retreat

Hoagland-Pincus Conference Center, Shrewsbury MA

May 17, 2011

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Congratulations to Justine Landis and Leanne Ahronian for organizing this one day event. The day was full of inspiring science talks from both established faculty as well as up-and-coming doctoral candidates.

 Jennifer Tseng, MD, MPH,
Associate Professor of Surgery and Cancer Biology
"Risk stratification and decision-making in pancreatic cancer"
Brian Lewis, PhD
Associate Professor, Program in Gene Expression and
Function and Program in Molecular Medicine


Keynote Speaker: Ron DePinho, MD
Professor of medicine, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
"Telomeres in cancer and aging"

from l-r: Leanne Ahronian, Justine Landis, Ron DePinho MD, Victoria Ruhl

Poster Session Winners

Amalene Cooper-Morgan, PhD and
Mihir Rajurkar, PhD Candidate

Poster Session Discussions
    Serra/Cantor/Guillemette                              Shearstone 


 KTracy/TFortier/TKChang               CChang
   CIChang/LShaw             CIChang/AMercurio 
 ACooperMorgan/MKelliher                 JNeiswender
 NGirnius                              SIyengar
 JLandis/BLewis                    LLin 
 PBradley                                                MRajurkar/KSimin/EBaehrecke
 VRuhl/LCastilla/SCantor                     VRuhl/RRohatgi 
 XYang/LShaw/KGerson                      LShaw 
  PosterSession1                                                                  PosterSession3 


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