Collaborative Family Healthcare Association The only national multi-disciplinary organization dedicated to furthering collaborative care.

Integrated Behavioral Health Project of the California Endowment is a great resource.

The National Council for Community Behavioral HealthCare offers now is the host for the Center for Integrated Health Solutions funded by SAMHSA and HRSA.

The HOGG Foundation in Texas gives a compelling justification for why it is putting its money into Integrated Care.

Mountainview Consulting is Kirk Strosahl and Patricia Robinson’s site. There are a lot of great resources here.

Richter Library, University of Miami – Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine on the Internet.

In Canada, there is an organization promoting mental health in primary care called Shared Care.

The Maine Rural Health Research Center has several papers on the subject.

Roger Kathol’s Cartesion Solutions is a good start for people who want information about the financial and operational side of IPC. 

Cummings Foundation, Inc. Integrated care is also being promoted by the Administration on Aging.

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