Stewarding a grant or gift

There are typically two avenues which lead to awards from private funding sources:

  • Response to a Request for Proposals (RFPs) announced directly by the funder 
  • Individual invitation to submit a proposal

Corporate and Foundation Relations strategizes the approach to and manages the relationships with those funders who restrict their applications to a small number of institutions and prefer not to accept unsolicited proposals. If you have been invited to submit by one of these funders, it is likely that the relationship is longstanding and has succeeded over time because of careful stewardship.

In either case, it is important to follow all guidelines and fulfill all requirements for documentation from the grantor. It is the responsibility of the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations to see that the institution is appropriately represented and this extends to the submission of proposals. CFR will assist you in gathering and assembling the materials and submitting the final package.

Once your award has been finalized, CFR will assist you in complying with reporting requirements in a timely manner. The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations will monitor the acknowledgment and reporting process from award to final report. It may be necessary to obtain the approval of the Office of Technology Management for some grantor stipulations. Bear in mind that we hope that this will be the first of many awards from such a relationship and that personnel and procedures are likely to change over time.

The principal investigator is responsible for preparing narrative and budget reports on time. CFR will forward these on to the funder with appropriate cover letters and supplemental materials. CFR will also help coordinate site visits and press releases with the appropriate departments.