Regulatory Knowledge and Support

The role of the “sponsor-investigator” (S-I) may be new to clinical investigators who have spent most of their research career conducting industry-initiated studies. When UMass researchers craft their own protocol for an FDA-regulated trial, this well-known role of investigator shifts to that of a “sponsor-investigator.” Obligations for the S-I, and the institution, require an organized, comprehensive approach to the planning, execution and reporting of such a trial.

The key aims of this Regulatory Knowledge & Support consultation service area are to:

  • strengthen institutional supports for investigators developing their own research protocols
  • enhance knowledge of investigators regarding regulatory pathway for drug, device and biologics-based clinical studies
  • assist investigators in navigating this regulatory terrain by providing ongoing consultation throughout the life cycle of the study
  • promote collaboration in support of these "sponsor-investigators" across the CCTS and the UMass community

All sponsor-investigator studies should be reviewed by Research Integrity and Clinical Operations staff. Ideally, this regulatory review should happen before the IRB submission is written by the researcher, allowing for a stronger submission and a clearer regulatory pathway. This review will assure the sponsor-investigator, the institution and the IRB committee that all regulatory obligations are met, or are being facilitated. Consultation will address, as applicable:

  • Assistance with design and protocol review (consultation with UMass Quantitative Health Sciences) Protocol template for Intervention Trials
  • Completion of FDA Form 1571 and/or 1572 as appropriate
  • Selection criteria and qualifications of all team personnel and associated study sites
  • Education regarding IRB process (initial approval, amendments, continuing review and adverse event reporting)
  • Review direct reporting obligations to the FDA of SAE or unanticipated study problems
  • Creation of Case Report Forms (CRFs) and study documentation tools for consistent use by all research personnel - see REDCap
  • Communication plan (Operations Manual) for all study sites
  • Data safety and monitoring plan (safety officer, full DMC as appropriate)
  • Arrangements for acquisition of study drug and plan for return/destruction of any unused drug; referrals for off-site compounding per protocol requirements.  Referral to Lucie LaJeunesse, RPh, Investigational Drug Service at UMass and UMass Memorial
  • Registration of study to publicly accessible website, e.g.,, before recruitment is initiated
  • Recruitment and retention planning through local media; and posting investigator-initiated study to ResearchMatch (UMass registration process in progress)

Consistent identification of investigator-initiated studies at the time of IRB submission can lead to improved education of the "sponsor-investigator," better utilization of services and greater enhancement of subject safety and regulatory compliance.  Importantly, it will allow for institutional registration of investigator-held INDs and IDEs, allowing the research integration staff within the UMCCTS to track the reports and communications to the FDA.

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